PRE FOUNDATION (Class 6 to 10)

Study the Pre-Foundation for three terms and develop the skills you need to progress to the Foundation programme. This is a focused course designed for students who need academic support. You will have the opportunity to study core subjects and projects related to the Foundation pathway you are looking to progress to.


Because if you are interested in a great academic career for your children, you need to know the below facts.

As per the experts, more than 90 out of top-100 students in JEE Advanced 2023 were those students who had enrolled in some kind of pre-foundation programs.
Sometimes as early as class VI!

In India competition in increasing every year. In 2024, more than 12 lakh students enrolled for JEE Main. Out of these 15,00,000 students, only 10000 students (1 out of every 120 students) will get a seat in reputed IITs.

The Pre-foundation program is primarily designed solely for students who are aiming to attain a high rank in the relevant competitive examinations like IIT and NEET. While a gifted student can achieve the goal of attaining a top rank in competitive examination with the help of focused preparation in only class 11th and 12th. However, for an otherwise bright but not out rightly gifted student, just 2 years preparation may not be enough to score top ranks. But same student, if supported by systematic preparation for 4 years (class 9th to 12th) can almost achieve similar level of success in competitive exam.

One aspect of the Pre-foundation program for NTSE/NSO/IMO/JSO and other competitive exams at school level. focuses on preparing students on each topic to a level of detail that helps them to learn the basics effectively and in a relatively shorter span of time. As a result students are able to allocate more time on practicing relatively difficult problems in each subject area to develop a complete command on the fundamental concepts at the right time.

Pre-foundation course material encloses theory notes with Exercise Sheets, DPPs and assignments. All of these are an outcome of the in depth research work of the most experienced faculty at Gateway academy.

The primary goal of the program is focused towards providing students an effortless development from school and board level to competitive level of study and preparation with optimal speed. The Entire module is properly structured and extremely detail oriented by taking care of the smallest level of details and leaving no scope for uncertainty.

While we are certain to provide you the comprehensive academic support to our students, parents have a fundamental responsibility to continually review student progress and contact us for any support or clarification. We strongly believe that continuous monitoring, guiding and encouragement from both parents and teachers are integral and essential components of student’s academic success.

FOUNDATION (Class 11 and 12 with Hybrid Program)

Do you want to become an Engineer or Doctor? If your answer is YES, then plan your career right from an early age. To reach your ultimate goal, you need to take the right actions at the right time, to increase your chances of success. Make your dream of becoming an IITian or Doctor true in the future, by taking up the right course at the right age. Students who are serious about making it to one of the IITs or AIIMS, enroll themselves in the Foundation program. The Foundation course is for students who are in their VII – X standard. The course prepares JEE aspirants to apply concepts to solve problems and have clarity on fundamental PCM or PCB concepts.

Here are the top five benefits of the G2IIT or G2NEET program:

Benefits of IIT/NEET Foundation Course

Gets you in Competitive Mode: Enrolling in a foundation course for IIT/NEET gets you in the mode at an early age. When you set your goal as high as becoming an IITian or Doctor, you pull up yourself to give your best – right from the beginning. It motivates you to work harder to see your great dream come true!

Gives Clarity on PCM or PCB Concepts: Oftentimes students like you miss out on fundamental concepts in school due to lack of attention or other reasons. Getting into Foundation Program gives you the opportunity to learn and clarify your doubts taught in a specific class. By the time you reach 10th standard, you have all concepts cleared from 7th – 10th standard.

Clarity on Exam Pattern: When you take up a foundation course, you get to know in advance the exam patterns, skills to develop, topics to focus on, planning, and much more. Getting a clear picture of what the exam is going to be, gives you the advantage to prepare and get ready well ahead of time.

Mock Tests: Joining a GATEWAY TO IIT & NEET coaching center places you in a regular classroom environment where you need to attend lectures and solve test papers. Solving test papers gives you the idea of test patterns, brings awareness to your weak areas, motivates you to develop speed, and improves accuracy.

Competitiveness: Starting early @ Gateway Academy exposes you to a competitive environment that inspires you to build your competitiveness. Being competitive motivates you to do better than what you did yesterday. When you work on a daily basis on improving yourself, in years you would stand on good ground to have a competitive edge over others.

TARGET (Dropper Batch)

1 Year Intensive Classroom Program (XII Passed) for IIT and NEET

This one-year classroom program is specially designed for students who have completed their intermediate studies and are aspiring for a career in Engineering or Medical. The students who have missed the first chance in IIT-JEE Main or IIT-JEE Advanced will be rigorously trained to compete at all Indian levels to realize their dreams.

For NEET Batches, we will focus on concepts and a lot of realistic NTA Based Patterns so that majority scores 650+ or get top ranks for AIIMS or top medical colleges